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Well... Sorry...

The animation and great and all, but let's compare this to, say, There She Is. This seems to have nearly no storyline. It's just a guy floating on an umbrella. Meanwhile, evidently, There She Is has a much more understandable storyline. Although the animation is eye-popping, the storyline really makes the flash. If you have just a random flash with sonic jumping around with really awesome animations, what's the point? Please, next time, if you work on another flash, more storyline is recommended.

Also, any flamers of my review need to go straight to hell. This review follows all guidelines for posting reviews and is constructive. Just because I don't like his flash doesn't mean you have to flame me for it.

You, sir, are a special effects artist.

I applaud you for the storyline, the choice of music, and ESPECIALLY the animation and effects. You rock. Favorited, and I hope to see the second episode soon.

Absolutely amazing. You own Newgrounds.

You've officially made the best series, let alone videos, to date. The animations at first were average, and I see your mass improvement from the first video of the series. The storyline was, again, amazing, and the humor and other traits of the video series were great. I hope to see more soon.

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Nice... But...

Why do i hear a WTFboom when I die 3 times?

Nice game all the while. It's kinda like Contra, but with buyable weapons instead of pickups. Very good idea with that.

A message directly to the creator....

For one, this game is GREAT. I love it. I mean, what other game can you have a MINIGUN and an HE GRENADE LAUNCHER? and DYNAMITE? AT THE SAME TIME?

Also, there's a slight bug, i can't seem to get the HE grenade launcher fully loaded when I try to reload. It just stops, can't switch weapons or anything. Is there any chance of you fixing it?


This is definitely one of those platformers with an interesting twist, different ways to die each round, different objectives each round, and that cool add-in of something to make it madly fun. In this case, that add-in is perfect sync with music. There's no other way to say it. This flash is the $#!%. It was born with the number '5' on its forehead. Nice flash. Must fave 0.0

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I ran out of reviews

Awesome. Plain and simple.


Good, but... Could use a few notes modified. The main synth loop was not a good one. Attempt an improvement, then reupload would be my advice. Take it from a fellow composer. @_@

7901 responds:

Thanks, but I could use some examples.


You definitely deserve the Tank Award for best musician. Screw the bar, just make this thing the standard for BEST TECHNO EVER.

By the way, i just got Fruity Loops Studio 8. If I'm correct, you use it for making this music. Where did you get the loops for this song? Did you make them?

Waterflame responds:

yes ofcource. only thing premade in this song is the sounds. wich means the synth sounds. theres no loops in the song what so ever. thanks!

I'm a small-game Linux music artist. My dream is to prove that Linux should never be underestimated.

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